So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
- John 8:36


Meet Jesus Christ, participate in Bible studies, and begin to cultivate a Christ-like character.
Continue Christ-centered character development and Christian growth though inner healing and developing positive attitudes such as forgiveness, honesty, obedience,  responsibility, and caring for others.

Share renewal with others through evangelism, witnessing, and serving others, and deepen life skills development and learn life skills for the workplace.
Earn graduation certificate upon completion of the program.
Possible opportunities after graduation include pursuing the opportunity to work as an intern staff  assistant, attend college or continue in the Emerging Leaders Program. (Student is responsible for obtaining financial sponsorship.)
  • Group & Personal Education Studies
    -Character Development
    -Goal Setting & Time Management
    -Financial Planning
    -Anger Resolution

  • Group and Personal Counseling
  • Student Leadership Program
    -Develop Leadership Skills
    -Master Supportive Roles
    -Learn Conflict Resolution

  • Job Skills Development
    -Food Management
    -Office Skills

  • Retail Merchandise Distribution and Organization
  • Socialization Skills
    -Chapel Services
    -Mentor Groups
    -Community Outreach
    -Social Skill Development
    - Recreation

  • Student Participation Will Result In:

    -Integrated Changes in Attitude, Perspective, and Values
    -Behavioral Changes Evidenced By Character Development
    -Measurable Academic Growth
    -Positive & Productive Work Ethic

Length of Stay

During the application process, each applicant is asked to make an open-ended time commitment due to the intensive nature of the program. There are many problems each resident must face and resolve during her stay at Women at the Well. We want to allow adequate time to thoroughly work through issues, get to a solid foundation, and transition back to life in a balanced and self-disciplined way. True growth takes time and a lot of effort, and that change cannot be rushed.

Though graduation readiness is individually determined, most residents work through the program in 12-15 months.

Frequently Asked Questions